The Wolf hits 50

//The Wolf hits 50

The Wolf hits 50

I hit a pretty big milestone this year.  It could have slipped under the radar quite happily, but coinciding with the filming of season 5 of The Block NZ ensured that reaching the half century mark didn’t occur subtly.  There was cake to be had, and no that is not our family wolf in the picture above!  Reflecting on the past 50 years I couldn’t be happier with the experiences I have had thus far, particularly in my career.

My building career started in 1987, and not long after my radio career began with Newstalk ZB.  It was an interesting parallel at the time, two completely different worlds career-wise, but for me, it made sense.  My passion for the building sector and the skills involved in carpentry has been enhanced by my ability to communicate, giving me a career which balances these two things; Creating and connecting.

Over the past few years my 20 year history in broadcasting has morphed into television.  Now in my Fifth season as the Site Foreman for The Block NZ, I am really enjoying the responsibility of supporting the block teams, their tradies and managing the compliance issues on site for the show.  It allows me the thrill and satisfaction of ensuring a build well done, with the added enjoyment of being involved in the media side of things.

My family are a huge part of my life, and have supported me greatly through my career.  There have been countless late nights and early mornings to get myself on set, into the recording studio and on site to get a building job done.  Family time during my days off is invaluable, and during these moments we enjoy keeping things simple.

What will the next decade bring?  I have ticked a few boxes already and I have a few ideas I’m mulling over.  But the one thing I can be sure of is to focus on enjoying the ride.  Make a game plan, but keep flexible as you move with the ebbs and flows of life.

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